Stress-free Food – Your New Medicine

The kids are yelling, the boss is calling and if that’s not enough, your can’t find your socks! Oye! From those to more serious problems like being out of work or for some of you, over-worked (and under paid), to fighting off bill collectors who want your home — you’re stressed to the hilt! I feel your pain. Mounting problems like these may drive you to reach for a pint or 2 of Ben and Jerry’s, chips by the case–not the bag–or worse yet, a nearby wine bottle—but don’t! Check out my fix for your stress woes and its just a colorful plate away.

vegetablesDuring times of prolonged stress, your body loses its stores of Vitamin C from your adrenal glands so you’ll need to replenish it. Think outside the orange box—try kiwi fruit (just 1 provides 79 mg Vitamin C—more than women’s bodies need all day), collard greens, kale, mustard and turnip greens, and red bell pepper, You’ll also need to stoke your nutritional fires with copious amounts of complex carbs (uh-that means eat more), whose soluble fiber will stabilize your blood sugar and put the cool back in your life, while increasing your feel-good brain chemicals. You’re welcome. To get more complex carbs on the plate try— oats, barley, quinoa (sounds like keen-wa), whole wheat breads and cereals, brown, black, red, black, and wild rice, also whole-wheat pasta.

Finally, if at 3 in the morning, you’re staring at the ceiling and counting sheep—you’ll want to eat more turkey, grass-fed organic beef (but no more than 2-3 servings/week of red meat), cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and Asparagus— all foods that contain the amino acid, tryptophan, which helps you to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Ahhhh!

Try this quick-n-easy recipe for my Lemony Collard Greens with Soul:

2 bunches of collards, washed, cut into strips
1-2 TBS Extra-virgin olive oil
½ TBS red pepper flakes
1 Fresh lemon (cut into halves) seeds removed
1 tsp sea salt
2 TBS hot sauce

1. Heat non-stick sauté pan and coat bottom of pan with oil
2. Add collards, pepper flakes, and salt to hot pan and reduce heat until greens are wilted (stir frequently)
3. Squeeze juice of one half of lemon onto greens and sauté until tender and slightly crunchy over low heat—adding small amount of water if necessary (about 8-10 mins.)
4. Add hot sauce (last 2 mins. Of recipe)
5. Serve with remaining lemon cut into wedge

Serves 2.

Bon Appetite!

With Love and Happiness,