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“Dr. Ro’s Food Rx”

Dr. Ro gives your food prescription for health and weight-loss, using quick-n-easy, scrumptious recipes, food demos, and tips that save you time, money. Got a sweet tooth? No worries Ro’s got you! Try her no-cook hemp protein bars. Need to warm-up and feel cozy inside? You’ve gotta make her Mexican Chicken-Lime Soup! Or how about a detox remedy for a holiday hangover that shrinks belly-fat? It’s all here from your go-to Nutrition Coach and girlfriend with the Ph.D., Dr. Ro!

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“Hilarious Health Headlines”
Laugh and learn when Dr. Ro and her Comedian Panel rip some of the zaniest headlines you’ve never heard! It’s hilarious!
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Final 15 Success Stories

before and after weight loss photoCongratulations to Kisha Hymes, our newest Final 15 Family Member! Kisha lost 50 pounds on the Final 15 Plan and says…“It was hard work but I used Dr. Ro’s Book, “Lose Your Final 15” and am now down 50 pounds. I still have more to lose but I’m on the right path.”


Dr. Ro on TV

Featured on the Dr. Oz and Meredith Vieira Shows, CNN, and more. Dr. Ro is the go-to resource for media giants who trust her unique brand of health and nutrition information. Audiences love her relatable personality, which she uses to make complex nutrition information a palatable and fun experience for all.

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A healthy life can be yours. But you must know for yourself that YOU Are Worth It.

Whether you are the CEO of your business or the CEO of your family, you are being pulled in a million and one directions and you are the one left out. Isn’t it time you got some help?

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What Others Say about Ro

“Dr. Ro offers a clear and caring process for our body’s temples. Use and honor her process to be well!”

Iyanla Vanzant, Spiritual Leader, Host-Fix My Life/OWN TV

“Dr. Ro helps you to move on and move ahead in living the best and healthiest life possible. Once you do, livin’ the good life will be a secret no more.”

Malik Yoba, Actor, Empire-Fox

“Dr. Ro is an insightful life changer, period!”

Les Brown, International Motivational Speaker/Best-Selling Author

“Dr.Ro helped me lose weight on national television! Today, I keep her on Speed Dial, just  in case I slip up!”

Sherri Shepherd, Actress/Comedian