Coaching Testimonials

Charnelle’s Story

FullSizeRenderI have two beautiful boys that I love more than life. But thanks to them, during my pregnancies, I gained more weight than I care to admit. Let’s just say the day I realized that I needed a life change the scale told me that I had gained 50 extra pounds on top of the baby weight from my youngest son, not a pretty sight.  Add my crazy work schedule at a television network and you get business meetings, travel, and crawling the wall, next-level stressful days and nights. One day I took stock of my life and realized I needed to get control and reevaluate my eating and work out habits.  I found Dr. Ro to be thoughtful, and a guiding source for all areas of my life, which of course included my health and weight loss. As my nutrition coach she developed a strategy for my life and a meal plan that included the foods in my environment and options to make healthier choices. Her meal plans and recipes are spot on for the life I live.  The foods are easy to find and great options for women and men too. Her coaching skills have helped me to find time in my days that I didn’t even realize I had.  I lost 50 pounds and gained a meal plan and life strategy to use forever. She helped put the pep back in my step, yes now I do step high! Most of all it is so great to have a plan to live by. I don’t have to think about what to do next, I can use my brainpower for tasks that require more effort because my plan established in our coaching sessions helps me to cruise.

– Charnelle – Busy Mom/TV Exec.

Towan’s Story

I own an award-winning public relations firm and have the challenges that go with my executive level responsibility. To keep my company afloat I must be at the top of my game on most if not all days. I admit my eating habits had gotten way out of whack.  In my line of work I attend countless business dinners, lunches, and tons of events where food takes center stage. And as a young entrepreneur steering her ship, I thought I had earned the right to partake of whatever goodies I chose. Not so. Working with Dr. Ro, I realized that on matters of health, diet, and lifestyle, I had fallen asleep at the wheel and needed to hand the wheel over to someone who knew much more about how to manage than I will ever know. She is more than a nutrition coach. Dr. Ro has helped me to increase business productivity and profitability. She even helps me navigate personal relationships. Little did I know how all of these factors prevented me from having the balance that I craved and impacted my weight so tremendously.

She is an endless well of information, sage advice, and support and she helps me to actually gets results!   I love having her on-call to consult whether I’m headed to new restaurant or dinner and drinks with a client. She’s just a text or call away, which makes life much easier for me. I’m loosing weight, getting my waistline and life back, running and doing her prescribed work out and meal plan, and at the end of the day, truly grateful to have her.

-Towan Isom, President/CEO, Isom Global Strategies (IGS)

Sherri Shepherd’s Story

sherri-beforeAFterDr. Ro helped me lose weight to be swimsuit ready, Live on The View! How crazy was I to do that? It was fun, she helped me to not only drop the pounds, but to eat healthy too. She’s the one I call when I get off track!

– Sherri Shepherd-Actress/Comedian

Johnjalene’s Story

johnjaleneI own a hair salon and work 12-14 hour days. On the weekends I am a crazy, traveling football mama to a superstar college athlete. I had gained about 45 pounds, but the scary part was, it was mostly on my waistline. As I worked with Dr. Ro as my coach, she taught me about the dangers of carrying excess weight in the mid-section, which motivated me even more to get it off. She helped me to lose the weight 15 pounds at a time and that made it seem easier to do. I used to get frustrated with the thought of having to lose weight that I had gained in the past. It seemed insurmountable. On some days during our coaching sessions, she would just look at me and no matter what I told her, she would go straight to the real problem. I cried many days because she could actually “see” me, and she knew intuitively what I needed. She has a big heart and really cares about her clients. That means the world to me. The fact that my belly fat has melted away is a plus too!

– Johnjalene – Football Mom/CEO, FAVOR 

Jawn’s Story

Dr. Ro’s nutrition coaching really is invaluable. As a person who travels regularly, she put me on a vitamin regimen that has kept me from getting sick on planes and trains. She also has coached me through taking better care of my skin (much needed for my hosting job on TV) and helps me to stay healthy despite constant changes in schedule, sleep habits, and changes in my diet especially as I travel. I LOVE having her on speed dial. Where else could I get up to the minute advice to literally increase my energy, keep me healthy and fit, and keep healthy skin? She’s a boon to my business and personal life. I’m winning with her.

-Jawn Murray – Always A List TV Host, Travel Channel

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