Coaching Session


Dr. Ro’s high-stakes one-on-one coaching sessions will help you lose weight to live a healthy and happy life. You’ll get your best results with Dr.Ro!


Despite your greatest challenges—you deserve the life of your vision, but you need the right coach on your team.

Now you can get the advice from the ultimate nutrition expert whose clients, patients, Final 15 Community, government agencies, and fortune 500 companies trust.

For decades Dr. Ro has privately coached celebrities, everyday moms, business owners, executives, and women who like you, just want to be healthy and fit, but who don’t know where to start.

Now you too can have Dr. Ro as your coach. She’s the approachable, relatable girlfriend who just happens to have a Ph.D. and 30 years of experience.

Whether you’re an emotional or stress eater, or just a gal who wants to lose weight to live a healthy and happy life—you’ll get your best results with Dr.Ro.

Dr. Ro’s Coaching Session Includes:
  • 1 45-minute Coaching Session
  • Plus a Bonus Gift


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