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Fit Kidz DVDsFit Kidz™ is an exciting new series that empowers kids to take charge of their own health. The show helps kids understand the importance of nutrition and fitness by showing them fun activities and introducing them to a healthy, new way of life.

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Dr. Ro's Fit Kidz™ Series

Fit Kidz™ is an exciting new series that empowers kids to take charge of their own health!

In the first season we join Captain Ro and her team of intergalactic Space Agents and Jr. Space Agents as they travel to Earth looking for Fit Kidz™ who can help them to save the unhealthy kids on Planet Obesia. The Space Agents are in a race against time as they attempt to discover as much as they can about all things health and fitness from kids on Earth.

About Dr. Ro:
Creator of Dr Ro’s Fit Kidz™, best-selling author, & America’s Nutrition Coach. Dr. Ro is working hard to stem the tide of childhood obesity and to reverse the current crisis facing our youth. She has devoted her life to helping families lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

She is a regular Nutrition Coach on the Dr. Oz Show where she has helped over a half-million Americans lose more than 5 million pounds. She is also Nutrition Coach on the Anderson Cooper Show, where she is known for helping obese families and teens lose weight to get their lives back. Dr.Ro Joins The President and First Lady and Oprah Winfrey on on Ebony Magazine's " Power 100 List" and was named by More Magazine as 1 of Top 5 Nutritionists in America.